A talented and successful artist, Patrick Faure was born in Monaco. During the 1980s and 1990s his realistic skills allowed him to become a leading painter of Native Americans, winning multiple awards for his portraits.

In the last few years, Faure experimented with Surrealism, before inventing a style of painting, he named Faurism. His works, which include hidden philosophical messages, are in high demand and are making him one of the most intriguing artists of the 21st Century.

Dissatisfied with the surrealistic concepts, Faure developed the framework that supports his latest work and integrates elements of Greek philosophy and myths together with the visionary thinking of Kafta and Camus. This marked the beginning of his journey from Surrealism to Faurism, a visual arts style that expresses the convergence of dreams, sexual desire, knowledge and erudition. Faurism is characterized by the juxtaposition of mythical phantasms and modern human condition imagery. It is deeply rooted in Platonic philosophy and builds on the Myth of the Cave, where Plato suggests that there is a reality outside of human experience. This is the genesis of Faurism.

Melding the newest astrophysics discoveries with the mystery of the origin of life Faure now poses the question of the interrelationship of man and cosmos. In a painting like ‘The Red Planet’, he establishes the direct link between our planet and the galactic world in an uncomfortable vision that matched Olaf Stapleton’s. ‘The Wings of Fascism’ confronts the audience with the chilling reality that extra-terrestrial life is not benign and that our encounter with such life – if it could happen – would have catastrophic consequences.

Faure’s paintings now address the metaphysical issues such as ‘what was there before the universe’, or what exists beyond the universe’, to which we have no answers. Faure deconstructs the fake explanations of sophism, religion, gods, extra-terrestrials, or the myth of an ancient civilization with superior knowledge that we would have forgotten.

Faure’s work proposes familiar multichromatic elements and arranges them into conceptual installations that puzzle the viewer and demonstrate our inability to comprehend our existence, our past, and the inevitability of our future.

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January 03, 2020 — Tiffany Wang

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